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According to Law

Satirical dance theater performance that examines relationships between the audience and performers through constant and entertaining questioning of the boundary between reality and imagination.

Who really created this production? When is Master Chef more important that a pirouette? Why did the choreographer create a movement that looks like the Peugeot symbol? And how do we know whom to applaud? This is the only performance that is contractually obligated – written and oral agreements - to the audience. The acclaimed work by Anat Katz and Erez Maayan, highly praised and selected by Time Out Magazine as the 2014 best theater and dance performance in Tel Aviv, invites audience members to embark on an entertaining experience that will stay with them hours after the performance ends.

By Anat Katz and Erez Maayan | Performers: Asher Ben Shalom, Avi Mazliah, Snir Nakar, Shoham Shiener, Elad Atrakchi | Music: Eyal Lanzini | Video: Anat Katz | Costumes: Ofir Hazan, Liron Bliss | Lighting: Amir Castro | Produced: Liat Katzur | Poster design: Ben Bejerano


.Justkatzit is a semi-real frame of a fundraising dinner for dance company and uses the audience as donors. Viewers are full partners in the theatrical situation, both from their seats and sometimes even on stage, as members of the dance group asking them in various ways to support the company. 

Artists: Anat Katz and Erez Maayan |  Performers: Itzik chohen, Yeela Baruch, Omer Uziel, Anat Katz, Erez Maayan | Customs: Erez Maayan | Video Art: Anat Katz | Music: Niv Petel

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