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It's not just a brick, it's not just used hair spray and those are not just white goat's hair. Each of these objects is part of the history of art.
What will you be willing to do in order to get a frame that contained an original Picasso? Who wants to bid for the original dust that was around Qumran scrolls? How much effort will you put to get your hands on the original grain of sand from Micha Ullman's exhibition?
Anat Katz and Erez Maayan invite you to a different kind of auction - which will sell objects played an important role in the behind scenes of the museum. Each object will shed light on the world behind the works, the artists and the art.
No need to bring money - auction items will be sold for actions that will take place around the audience. How far will you go?


Artists: Anat Katz and Erez Maayan  Performers: Asher Ben-Shalom, Shani Ben-Haim, Natalie Feinstein, tzvi Telemann, Mia Magnet Photo: Hagar Ziegler Catalogue Design : Yochai Matos

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