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Noa Shavit, Creative Dancer

Danced for four years with the Noa Dar Dance Group (2012-2016) and was a creative dancer for five years with Tami Dance Company (Nimrod Freed, 2011-2016). She was a member of the Da Da Dance Company in Tel Aviv, managed by Amit Goldenberg and Ya’ara Dolev, from 2009-2011, and she was a dancer in the Emmanuel Gat Dance Company from 2004-2009. In addition, she participated in the following projects: “2 Her” (Ayala Frenkel, Dance Arena Festival, 2016), “Dynasties” (Sharon Kashi, 2015), “Human Experiments” (Deganit Shemy, 2015), “Engine” (Omer Uziel, “Composer” Festival, Teiva Theater, 2014), “Where Are You Going?” (Anat Grigorio, Shades of Dance Festival, 2005), and “Healthy” (Sharon Friedman, in collaboration with Tel Aviv University, 2004).

May Raznikov, Dancer

Born in 1990. Completed Haifa Dance Training Workshop Year 1 (2009). Graduated from Ga’aton Dance Training Course (2011-2012). Danced for one year with the Young Kibbutz Dance Company (2013), and worked with choreographers Oz Mulay and Martin Harriague. In 2015 she worked with choreographer Navav Zelner on a Suzanne Dellal project. She performs in the “Aluminum” show and works with creators Anat Katz and Erez Maayan.

Ori Lankinski, Creative Dancer

Immigrated to Israel in 2007 from New York, where she worked for nearly a decade with independent artists and groups, among them site-specific choreographer Noémie Lafrance. In Israel she has performed in works by numerous creators including Rachel Erdos, Ariel Cohen, Idan Yoav, and Amir Kolban. Ori is a cultural affairs reporter for the Jerusalem Post, Ma’ariv, and other publications around the world.

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Abigail Rubin, Choreographer and Director

B.A dance from the “Hogeschool voor de Kunsten” at the department of the SNDO in Amsterdam. Studied at Kibbutzim College dance department.

Was awarded a young choreographer from the Ministry of culture, Israel '04. Since 2008 works together with her husband, Yoav Bartel. Together they founded "homemade ensemble".

Teaches release technique, improvisation, composition and stage presence. Is the head of the dance department at Dror high school.

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